Sunday, November 8, 2009


Last night we went to the store and bought a fire pit for our back yard. We spent all afternoon on the back yard,then mom and I went to the store and we got hot dogs, marshmallows and, gram cracker, and chocolate for smores and dinner. We spent about a half hour watching the boys try to light a fire and never succeeding. Then after we had a good laugh we showed them how to build a fire. Its very entertaining . Then we cooked the hot dogs over the fire for dinner. We each ate two then spent the rest of the evening roasting marshmallows and smores. After the fire burned down to hot cools we sat around and talked for a bit, then went inside and watched bones.

Friday, October 30, 2009


So its been a few weeks since i blogged, and iv been so bored. Iv been in school for nine weeks and our report cards come out next week.I checked my grades a few days ago and iv got all good grades, so I'm not grounded.YAY! I didn't mack the volleyball team, maybe next year. Well iv mad a lot of new friends this year;a lot more than i expected.:D School is a lot more fun this year, all my other schools were soooo boring. Well i g2g.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its me, Hannah. Of coarse. Soooo i started school. Two weeks ago. I luvvv it its sooo fun all my other friends are there, it the best school ever. Iv made a lot of new friends to. I play flut in band. Im also tyring out for the volleyball team with a bunch of my friends.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

summer fun!!!

We have done a lot this summer but i haven't been able to post yet, so I'm posting now.Yay! today is also my moms b-day.Happy birthday mom. OK back on topic. This summer iv been having a lot of fun even tho iv been grounded.LOL.A few days ago we went tubing in rainbow springs.I hate tubing so i was cring like a Little babe the whole time.Exceptionally when the boys went under water to either flip me or pull my legs. it was Really embarrassing.

another thing we did is go biking on the trail. we went on a dirrent part of the trail than uesiwel and went on a bridge over a highway when we finely got up my dad pulled his shirt up and blinded the drivers with his huge belly. then we made hand moshend for the truck drivers to blow the horns at us. i stoped counting after 37.We also went to a consert it was fun but not verey good. The singers were Demie

Jorden Pruitt and Daved.

back in florida!!!!

WOOOO-HOOOOO!!!!I'm back in florida.Yay.I have been for the whole summer but iv been grounded.Don't ask what i did.I'm not telling.Sooo Iv got four days of summer left. I'm going to open house today and getting my schedule. I'm always nerves I'm going to git lost.well ill post about my whole week of school on Friday.

Monday, July 27, 2009

likes and dislikes


What i like to do for fun the most would be drawing. I manly like to draw animals and people. Some other indoor activities i like to do are reading, video games ,cooking, and a lot of other stuff.what I like to do outside would probably be hanging with my friends, foursquare, swimming, and volleyball. My fav. music singer would probably be Taylor Swift. Actor and actress i have no idea theres to many! My fav. food pizza of corse and drank Fuze.


My dislikes would be cleening of corse, homework, and waking up early. My least fav. food is fish, and drink would be big red. my least fav. movie would not so sure anymore. My least fav. singer is Ashley Tisdale her voice is gust sooo not so sure about the actor and actress.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Living in Mississippi

Living in Mississippi is not as bad as i thought it wold be. It feels like I'm still in Florida but it's colder. I also don't have as many friends. School is the same but its harder to pass from the grades. Your back hurts a lot when you have to sleep on an air mattress. We also have a family of cats to take care of [Chub chub, Jackie, Cheetah, Minnie and the mom Prego.] We no longer have our cat Jack but we still have Jetta. We have a bigger house but a lot of extra space.